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A non-profit street dance organization that works passionately to serve as cultural representatives and supporters for the Copenhagen street dance community.
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CLASHcph aims at preserving street dance traditions and history within and outside of Copenhagen. Through challenging the possibilities and exploring the elements that influence us, we create growth and opportunities. The goal is to focus on creating a deeper understanding and respect for the street dance culture.

Through educational classes, workshops, performances, events & competitions, CLASHcph builds bridges with professional artists, groups, as well as related street arts communities to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the cultural experience.

CLASHcph welcomes every one who seeks a street dance experience, under the focus of growth and acknowledgement for self, the culture and community.

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Diana Wehbi, Co-founder & Executive Director of CLASHcph

Diana Wehbi is a well-known dancer in the Copenhagen street dance scene since 2008 and has worked with some of Denmark’s various artists and educations. Born in Lebanon, half Romanian and growing up in Denmark has given her a multicultural approach to street dance styles. Diana has also lived & studied in Washington DC at the Urban Artistry Dance Academy under the mentorship of Rashaad Pearson. There she found a greater understanding and appreciation of the street dance culture, which inspired the creation of CLASHcph and it’s many concepts.

Rina Abantao, Co-founder of CLASHcph
Former Communication manager and Artistic Director 2013-2020

Born and raised in Norway, Rina has been involved in the Copenhagen street dance scene since 2010 and has been competing, teaching, performing and creating events locally and abroad. Rina has lived in cities such as Paris and Shanghai, and has years of experience working with different international street dance organizations and companies. Along with her bachelor in International Marketing and master in Marketing Communication Management, Rina has a passion for visual media which she fuses into her many projects related to street dance. Rina is also part of the Copenhagen dance crew Concrete Soul.

Ayub Abdulkadir, Artistic Director of CLASHcph

Ayub is born and raised in Copenhagen and has been a part of the street dance scene since 2009. Today, he is a well-known dancer, teaching at different street dance schools, competing in battles, performing, and creating events. Because of his passion for sharing knowledge, Ayub is currently studying to become a schoolteacher. Being part of Concrete Soul and CLASHcph, Ayub places emphasis on building bridges between the different countries' street dance communities.

Anastasija Olescuka, Artistic Director of CLASHcph

Anastasija originally comes from Latvia, moved to Denmark in 2012. Had been culturally active in the folk dance of Slavic nations since young age she and from 2008 been active in street dance scene. She is experienced in battling, creating events, camps, educating, and performing. Along with her dancing Anastasija has a bachelor degree in sociology from the University of Latvia and education in street dance at Hotstepper. Anastasija also has been working in the Danish Theatre scene with such groups and artists as internationally known choreographers, The Robotboys and Steen Koerner.

Emma Bondo, Artistic Director of CLASHcph

Emma is from Copenhagen and has been a part of the street dance scene since 2015. Before dancing, Emma was engaged in the theater scene. She went to Paris for a year’s education at Flow Dance Academy. Emma knows that knowledge about history is an important value for our community and respecting the roots of the culture too. For the same reason she is both traveling and studying ethnology at Copenhagen University to experience and research ethnicities, being curious about cultural differences.

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