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Beats & Bounce Festival 2022

CLASHcph celebrates street dance culture in Copenhagen with our annual event “Beats & Bounce”. It is 4 days event with talks, battle, party, workshops, live music and performance. The event is mainly free of charge, except workshop program on Friday, where participants can support CLASHcph as association and become members which will give some benefits for attendance of our future activities.



THURSDAY April 21st
A talk “From Action to Healing” Part 1.

We will take first steps towards balancing power hierarchies in our streetdance environment and ensuring safe space for all. Evenings program will be led by Sade Johnson. We have invited 3 very important artists from our dance community - Brice Johnson, Marie Kaae & Beck Heiberg to be part of the panel.

The evening will consist of a talk, Q&A and healing session led by Laura Jervidalo Ravn. She will share techniques that initiate and support the body and minds ability to reset and heal. We will close the night with grounding our minds and bodies together, collectively.



17.00 - 18.00 Welcome and snacks

18.00 - 21.00 Talk “From Action to Healing” Pt. 1


Husumgade 44, Copehagen 2200

Open for everyone and free.


FRIDAY April 22nd
“Can We Kick It” Hip Hop workshops with Battalla CL & Martha Nabwire & prejam.


18:00- 19:30 Batalla CL Hip Hop workshop
19:45- 21:15 Martha Hip Hop workshop
21:00- 00:00 Jam with DJ Mary, ground floor at Husumgade 44.


Husumgade 44, Copehagen 2200

Prejam is free and open to everyone

Limited spots for the workshops.

Sign up

1 workshop 300 kr.
2 workshops 400 kr.

* Prices include membership for CLASHcph association and 25% discount for future activities organised by us. Membership is optional choice but price stays the same.

 SATURDAY April 23rd
“Beats & Bounce” 1vs1 Hip Hop dance battle & afterparty.

Judges: Martha Narwire, Batalla CL & Anastasija Olescuka

DJ Jolani Jhones

Host: ADL 

Drummer: Deodato Siquir

Prize: 4.000 kr.

Battle format 1vs1 Hip Hop

Prelim: Cypherstyle to Top 16 selected.

Battles 1on1 til final.


Time schedule:

Battle registration: 17.30 - 18.30

Doors open for audience: 18:00 

Prelims starts at 19.00.

Battle finishes at 22.00

Free and open to everyone

22:30-02:00 Afterparty w. Billow_40
Free and only +18.

Location for the Battle & Afterparty: 

Urban 13, Bispeengen 20, 2000 Frederiksberg

SUNDAY April 24th
Talk “From Action to Healing” Pt. 2

11:00- 14:00 Talk “From Action to Healing” Pt. 2 and right after “Fuse Jam” with Fusepoint.

Only for organisations, schools, institutions and keypeople working actively within streetdance environment.

In collaboration with Cyphermovement and Fusepoint we are taking second step and following up on Thursday’s talk. We want to create awareness of how we facilitate safe spaces and take social responsibility.

The program of the day will be led by Sade Johnson and will consist of talks, Q&A and interactive exercises.
Sign up obligatory:

14:00- 17:00 free open floor jam with DJ Mary from Cyphermovement
Open for all.

Location: Nørre Allé 7, 2200 Copenhagen, First Floor (AULA)


This event is supported by Gadeidræt/Nordea fonden, Frederiksberg kommune, Nørrebro United og Nørrebros lokaludvalg.

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