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CLASH welcomes everyone for open Hip Hop Sessions every Tuesday.

Sessions also known as free practice (fritræning) are OPEN for anyone who is interested in getting down to some nice music. It's a practice where you can work on whatever you want, dance whatever you want, with whomever you want (e.g. cyphers, by yourself, with a partner etc.).

TIME: 19.00 - 21.00
PLACE: Husumgade 44
Music: Hip Hop


DJ Line up & themes SPRING 2023

28.02.   Daniel Wandel - Petersen

07.03.   Jolie aka Mama.Moto

14.03.    Playlist by CLASH

21.03.    Casper Preisler

11.04.     Fibi

18.04.    Jolie aka Mama.Moto

25.04.   Casper Preisler

02.05.   Playlist: instrumentals

09.05.   Switch Rock (SE)

16.05.    Open playlist: UK Hip Hop 

23.05.   Jolie aka

We will put a symbolic fee of 20 kr. to support us as an organisation. We will truly appreciate.


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